Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 7/22/2019


What is In Search of a Home?

In Search of a Home is our strategy survival rogue-like fleet commander where you explore the galaxy to find a habitable planet while managing your resources to keep your population alive. It’s now in Early Access.


How can I play In Search of a Home?


Follow this link to our discord server to be a playtester, or check out our Patreon to dive deeper into our development. 


What does it cost?


While we prepare for early access, we are providing the game for free to playtesters. This is to ensure we have game foundation we need, and all the processes worked out for a great Early Access game.


Why Early Access?


We want to develop a healthy partnership with our players to form a community that can help make this game more than just another rogue-like. Your feedback will help us expand and fine-tune the game better than we could by ourselves.


How long will Early Access last?


We expect Early Access to last for about a year, but we’ll keep you updated through a public roadmap and through our Patreon.


How often will there be updates?


In the earliest part of Early Access, we’ll be making large updates (new abilities, systems, ships, etc) to the game on a bi-weekly cadence with small updates (bug fixes, UI, minor tweaks) when necessary.

How to Contact Us

How do we reach you if we have a question about In Search of a Home?

We can be reached either on our discord server or by sending an email to

Have other questions?

Hit us up via email at