Ghostly Bear Games

Based in the United States


Founding date:
Jan 17th 2018



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Ghostly Bear Games, LLC

11901 Santa Monica Blvd 

Suite 684

Los Angeles,  CA 90025


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We are a distributed game company in the United States working on a new early access project.


We aspire to make games that players want to make their own.


Ghostly Bear Games was founded in 2017 by Carl Kwoh with the mission of making games that players want to make their own. Ghostly Bear Games is currently working on its debut PC title, In Search of a Home, entering early access Q4 2019. Ghostly Bear Games is a distributed company with team members remotely working worldwide.


Altered Tactics

In Search of a Home

In Search of a Home (ISH) is a strategy rogue-like space exploration game where you lead a small fleet of ships and people out into unknown galaxies to find a new home. 

With your resources and population dwindling, you must do your best to balance the morale of your fleet, curry favor with different factions, research new technologies, and explore the galaxy for resources. Not everyone will make it to your new home, and not everything is essential. You’ll have to make hard choices to keep the fleet united on your mission to find a planet to call home.

This game is an early access prototype! You should expect a foundational core game loop but with the following: temporary art assets, incomplete UI, incomplete audio, and a whole swarm of bugs. We’re releasing the game free for a short time with the hope that you will provide feedback that will help us debug and develop a better game. Pardon our mess, and thanks for the support!

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