Early Access Live on Steam!

In Search of a Home is now available for purchase through Steam Early Access here: If a Battlestar...

Check Out Our New Narrative Trailer!

We have put together a new narrative trailer to help explain In Search of a Home, and get players excited about what we are building....

Build v0.1.0 is Now On Itch

We have our first Steam release candidate live on Itch. Check it out and let us know what you think on Discord!...

Build v0.0.3 is Now On Itch

A slew of bug fixes, an initial audio pass, and the beginning of visual experimentation. Jump in our discord and check it out!...

Itch Build v0.0.2 is Live!

This build has big game changes, new UI elements, and better solar system generation. Jump in our discord and check it out!...

A New Update Deployed to Itch!

We should be ready to launch a build to play testers soon. If you would like to be a play tester, keep your eyes on this website!

Coming Out of Hibernation

Check out the new Medium post from Carl Kwoh!

Welcome to the New Site!

We are on the verge of launching a new game into early access. Take a look around, jump into Discord and let us know what you think.